OCEAN ARTic Journal 9/VIII/21

Technically, I have been immersed in the process of aligning the data layers, and setting up a timing mechanism through which I can export scores for the individual feeds relating to temperature, air pressure, precipitation, evaporation, and ice cover and thickness.

In order to get a reasonable representation that affords some musical movement, I had to set the export tempo to 240 bpm. The scores then presented challenges of their own at such a fast tempo. Once out of Max and into Logic, I separated the audio streams from the MIDI data, re-set the tempo to 60bpm, then edited the scores, note by note, to present a playable composition that could accommodate both the data and the audio output from the sine wave arrays.

To encourage further movement and articulation, I used Lukrecia’s data recording the distance between control and reduced ice variables to set the condition whereby the bars, in one particular work, are presented as semi breves, triplets or as arpeggios. Aisling, the violinist from Black Glass, was quick to tell me that this might be a nightmare to play - so once again I’ll go in, note by note, and attempt to tease it into a playable state.

These technicalities aside, and the weaknesses they expose in my limited abilities both as a programmer and as a composer, I am very happy with the overall sound and shape of the work that is emerging. I think it will be a good record.