Black Hill – double cassette ‘Moonsuite’ edition

Was Ist Das have released a double cassette edition of Human Greed's Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star. The edition features the full album on one cassette, with an additional cassette of rare material originally prepared for a vinyl edition that failed to materialise.

Was Ist Das:

Was Ist Das? is very proud to be reissuing Human Greed's classic 2008 album in a new special edition with the previously unreleased companion album 'Moonsuite'. The plan is to follow this with similar treatment for "Fortress Longing" and "World's Fair" and then at the end to offer a nice box to put them all in. 

With guest appearances from from David TIbet (Current 93), Julia Kent (Anthony and the Johnsons), Clodagh Simonds (Mellow Candle, Fovea Hex) and Fabrizio Palumbo (Larsen). 

The music of Human Greed creates a haunted world which owes as much to classical music as it does to the otherworld landscapes of gateway openers like 'Soliloquy for Lilith', 'Astral Disaster' or even 'In den Gärten Pharaos' 

"Black Hill occupies a realm that is somewhere between the gorgeous drones of Stars of the Lid and the haunting and solemn “Symphony No. 3” by Henryk Górecki... This is powerful stuff and takes a while to fully digest it. The oily darkness that the music conjures up gets deeper and deeper with every listen, a resonant and otherworldly tremor that is at once human and sublime." Brainwashed

Was Ist Das ships from the United States:

For listeners in the UK (or Europeans prepared to take the risk on post Brexit duty fees on packages) a few copies are available via Omnempathy: