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Be Mine In Patience

New Music Scotland Awards

Be Mine In Patience was shortlisted for two awards in the 2021 New Music Scotland Awards: Best New Sound Art Work, and Best Work Produced in Covid Times.

Panel comments included "Artistically very impressive, and the all encompassing concept behind the work was very powerful

"This was an exceptional idea when it came down to it...but it was brilliantly realised, and worked very well. The global reach and inclusive nature of the project meant that the concept of a limitless embrace was perfect for that moment in time. Well paced, well played, well constructed, and very well produced."

An Endless Embrace in B Minor

Prior to the 20th century, and the emergent dominance of equal temperament, the association of emotions with particular musical keys was common practice. 

Prior to lockdown the Black Glass Ensemble addressed this historical alignment of sound and emotion to offer a brief ‘embrace’ in B Minor - the key associated with patience. 

The embrace, a textured drone featuring the musicians of the Black Glass Ensemble and guest Colin Potter, with whom they were scheduled to perform was well received on social media.

After the lockdown began, Black Glass sought to widen the reach of their embrace to other musicians to make a more comprehensive piece of work. The idea was as provocative as it was simple: Get as many artists as possible from our networks to commit to an embrace, the most natural of human gestures in times of anguish - and the one thing we were forbidden from doing. The submissions for the embrace - in the form of acoustic, electronic, manipulated, processed, twisted, sung, strung, bowed and struck sound material all tuned to the pitches contained within a B minor chord arrived in waves.

The response was unprecedented. 104 musicians returned 247 individual musical tracks to be mixed down by Michael Begg into a restless, swirling Gargantuan expression of solidarity embracing seasoned classical players, key figures in the European electronic Avant-garde, post rock alt. legends, music teachers, students, and hobbyists.

The full 39 minute work, “Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor” was (and still is) made freely available via Soundcloud and Bandcamp in the hope that this embrace may help in some small way to nurture strength, fortitude and comfort.

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Live Performance

Be Mine In Patience made its debut as a live performance on September 18th 2021 at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh.

Michael was joined by Black Glass comrades Ben Ponton, Clea Friend, Aisling O'Dea, Neil Cuthbertson and Jen Cuthbertson.