Pioneering Spirit

A field trip to the Cairngorm dig, and the processing of GIS terrain map data provided the source content for the composition. This was supplemented by the sonic exploration of a copper water boiler acting in place of an original copper pot still.

The work premiered on July 1st 2021 at an event sponsored by Glenlivet.

Other artists commissioned in Pioneering Spirit include author Alison Irvine, Photographer Natalie Feather and ceramicist Kevin Andrew Morris.

Commission, National Trust for Scotland

In May - June 2021 Michael was commissioned by the Archaeology Team at National Trust Scotland to compose sound work responding to their Pioneering Spirit initiative.

Pioneering Spirit, in collaboration with the Glenlivet set out to explore the social activity and context of illicit whisky distilling in Scotland.

The work focused on remote landscape digs in Torridon and Mar Lodge, in the Cairngorm mountain range.

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