One True Vine




1 In The Old Style 2 Les Enfants T'Attendre 3 Nightwalking 4 Bury The Choir In Fifteen Feet Of Snow 5 Sentiment And Loss 6 Improvisation After Prayers 7 Tu As Perdu Ta Langue 8 Strugatsky's Audition As Bell Ringer 9 We Have All The Time In The Night 10 Written On Egg White 11 One True Vine 01 - In The Old Style - refers back to the broken analogue synths of early Human Greed records. This is surfing multiple channels of feedback with grace and patience as the view of those winter mountains unfolds ahead of a clockwork train. 02 - Children sit in a wooden schoolhouse practicing their scales. The teacher looks out on the pine trees and wonders if life has or has not been wasted. Either way, it is not coming back, and the children are waiting for you. Les enfants t’attendre. 03 - When you were on the border of adulthood night walking was your preoccupation. On clear nights it was easy to lose oneself under the stars. Here, then, was the limit of your life, under this wide view of eternity. Presented early. 04 - We had to bury the choir in 15 feet of snow. We then break out our cheap toys to make film music and end up longing for the Caucasus. This track is some shabby geography lesson wherein we clumsily leave fish on the doorstep of our favourite composers. Its a grotesque caricature that redeems itself only with the sound of a distant avalanche clearing the blessings away from the hillside. 05 - With a moment of grace I came to shift worlds. We are made of sentiment and loss, and from such things we contrive our art. But, really, our work is in the dirt and we find it with our scratching. It has always been there. 06 - improvisation after prayers. The simplest thing. A piano - and a ghost - yet still it evades order. It sounds broken. 07 - Let us take a moment to press against the threshold. A vile Buddhist approximation. A petulant assault on the traditional 3 act narrative arc that continues to constrain our every movement. 08 - Light the fires. We are auditioning for bell ringers. This track, bogged in mediaeval romanticism is perhaps closer to Russian Sci-fi than would make any of us comfortable. 09 - Go to sleep, little baby. We have all the time in the night, to kiss each star good-bye. Victoria is waiting on the Top Grass in her cheesecloth shirt 10 - Your commitment to these home made instruments is becoming tiresome. You are exposing your lack of skill, patience and judgment. 11 - At last, as the wheels come off the rails you hit your stride. i always maintained that nothing short of desperation brought about your real voice, and here it is, just for a moment. You are, I think, beginning to respect my view that I always maintained - that the energy and effort you spent upon these matters would lead you to collapse onto the steps of the church. And here you are. Pilgrim.

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