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Michael Begg is an award winning composer, sound and recording artist based in East Lothian, Scotland.

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Michael Begg live at Queens Hall
Michael Begg live at Cafe Oto, London
Michael Begg talk centre for digital culture mexico city
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Accepting NMS Award
Michael Begg in Dublin, by Laura Sheeran

“Michael Begg is one of our most significant contemporary experimental composers. A true visionary, Begg has quietly developed his own unique and affecting compositional style and sound.”

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MB_Titan by Richard Shoe
About Michael Begg

Michael Begg is an award winning Scottish composer, sound artist, and musician. In 2000, he began the Human Greed project with Deryk Thomas, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums, including Black Hill, Fortress Longing and World Fair. Since 2007, he has been a core contributor to Clodagh Simonds’s cult collective, Fovea Hex. He is an associate artist at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, and artist in residence with the European Marine Board. Begg has released a number of recordings in his own name, working more progressively towards a territory comprising site specific thematic exploration, contemporary classical music, software development and studio experimenting. In 2018 he won the New Music Scotland award for TITAN, a Cryptic commission for Sonica Festival. Shortly thereafter he founded the Black Glass Ensemble to develop new forms of music for the anthropocene, informed by scientific collaboration and data sonification. The Ensemble comprises fellow traveller in the UK underground, Ben Ponton (:zoviet:france:), and players from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

“one of the most important experimental composers of our time”

CCD Radio, Mexico