2020 – 9

Time to remember a year to forget

Denied almost everything else I took to the studio.

All of these recordings are scratched into the skin of 2020

A Moon That Lights Itself, with Clea Friend at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Witness 1 - Satellites announce lockdown

Witness 2 - The Weather Engine

Witness 3 - with Clodagh Simonds and the Sentinel Satellites - observing Cummings and Goings in the UK

Be Mine In Patience - Black Glass and 140 other guests seek to immerse you in solace

Witness 4 - with Ben Ponton - we greet a passing comet in the midst of our quarantine with soundings from the earth, the air and the upper atmosphere

Witness 5 - I finally reach my vision of a new music for Solastalgia with Aisling O’Dea, Julia Lungu and Clea Friend - the string section from Black Glass

Two Gather In The Waiting Room - A defiantly hopeful, yet suspended collaboration with Hans Joachim Roedelius, released by Klanggalerie, as the sun settled into the autumn evening.

Arise From The Twilight - Black Glass had all momentum kicked away after they arose in February. This release, closing the year, is the punctuation point around which we start, once again, to gather.