Ocean ARTic Journal 18/VI/21

I am thinking ahead to what is required to ensure that the work evolves from a residency proposal to a full commission. Demonstrating audio over web conferencing software is never satisfactory, and often a complete nightmare. The software is always optimised for the spoken voice. The software tends to focus audio as heard on laptop speakers rather than grabbed directly from the sound card. 

this is why I favour making a self contained demonstration which can then be shared as a media file, or a link to a media file. One always has to hope for the best that whoever is listening to it is wearing headphones or has their machine hooked up to a decent sound system. Computer speakers only give you about half of the overall signal - and the bottom end of the frequency range is entirely absent.

With all this in mind I have uploaded the first in what will likely be a series of brief Youtube clips. I am using OBS to screen grab the software in use.