Scottish Awards for New Music – Shortlist

Michael's work with Black Glass ensemble has been recognised by New music Scotland and the Scottish Awards for New Music 2021 with shortlisted nominations in 2 categories.

The work BE MINE IN PATIENCE - AN EMBRACE IN B MINOR has been shortlisted for Best New Electroacoustic / Sound Art Work and also for the ISM Award for New Music in Covid Times.

Full information on all the awards and nominations can be found on the New Music Scotland website:

About Be Mine In Patience:
Prior to the 20th century, and the emergent dominance of equal temperament, the association of emotions with particular musical keys was common practice. 

The Black Glass Ensemble recently revisited this historical alignment of sound and emotion to offer a brief ‘embrace’ in B Minor - the key associated with patience. 

The initial embrace, featuring the 8 musicians of the Black Glass Ensemble and guest Colin Potter, with whom they had been due to perform prior to the Covid19 lockdown, was well received. Consequently, Black Glass sought to widen the reach of their embrace to other musicians to make a more comprehensive piece of work. 

The response was unprecedented. 104 musicians returned 247 individual musical tracks to be mixed into this present arrangement. 

The full 38’ 50” minute work, “Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor” is made freely available in the hope that this extended embrace may help in some small way to nurture strength, fortitude and comfort.


released June 15, 2020 

Black Glass Ensemble and Friends 
Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor 
Arranged and produced by Michael Begg 

Cover Image by Ben Ponton, used by permission of Sue Cannon 

The Black Glass Ensemble: 
Michael Begg 
Douglas Caskie 
Jen Cuthbertson 
Neil Cuthbertson 
Clea Friend 
Julia Lungu 
Aisling O'Dea 
Ben Ponton 

Tommy Aashildrød 
The Alaska None 
David Allison 
Christopher Alvarado 
Mkl Anderson 
Carsten Aniksdal 
Artificial Memory Trace 
Matt Atkins 
Nigel Ayers 
Simon Balestrazzi 
Stephen Bishop 
Sergey Bulychev 
Matt Burnett 
Dave Burraston 
Ed Carter 
Kim Cascone 
Don Clemenza 
Chris Connelly 
Dane Law 
Thomas Dimuzio 
Pablo Diserens 
Anthony Donovan 
John Duncan 
Kate Ellis 
Steve Fors 
Clive Graham 
Scot Jenerik 
Jean Johnson 
Dan Joseph 
Evan Henderson 
Robert Henke 
May Haliburton 
Mark Hand 
Jim Haynes 
Liz Helman 
Jack Hertz 
Kathy Hinde 
Marc Hurtado 
France Jobin 
Andreas Karperyd 
Katpis Tapes 
Fergus Kelly 
Julia Kent 
Jon Lee 
Edvard Graham Lewis 
Andrew Liles 
Malcolm Lindsay 
Marco Lucchi 
Patrick Tubin McGinley 
Grey Malkin 
Robert Mazrim 
Radboud Mens 
Emmanuel Mieville 
Abul Mogard 
James Murray 
Philippe Neau 
Adi Newton 
B J Nilsen 
Mike Nolan 
Aisling O’Dea 
Mike Orr 
Chris Osborne 
Daniel O’Sullivan 
Ivy O’Sullivan 
Filippo Panichi 
Lee Paterson 
Ben Ponton 
Colin Potter 
Nicola Quiriconi 
Audrey Redpath 
Ivan Ristić 
Carla Santana 
Paul sawford 
Janek Schaefer 
Second Harmonic Generation 
Simon Šerc 
Tim Shaw 
Chandra Shukla 
Clodagh Simonds 
Steven R. Smith 
Jos Smolders 
Julia Spooner 
Mayor Stubbs 
Bill Thompson 
Frans de Waard 
Warm Digits 
Simon Whetham 
Gary Wilkinson 
Pete Woodhead 
James Wyness 
Zach Zinn