Black Glass in Pieces
Made in Scotland Showcase

Black Glass Ensemble undertook a two day showcase at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh as part of the Made in Scotland showcase at the 2022 Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. 

For these very special performances Michael and the group were joined by singers from Edinburgh Georgian Singers

The intimate performances made innovative use of the Queen's Hall, with aspects of the show occupying the gallery, the bar and the mezzanine areas. Audiences were treated to sets including work from ARISE FROM THE TWILIGHT and the pieces arising from Michael's collaboration with Arctic scientists, modellers and researchers; LIGHT WATER IS BLACK WATER.

In addition, audiences were treated to one-to-one performances and catwalk showcasing of the two times NMS award nominated BE MINE IN PATIENCE

Black Glass in Pieces also premiered a new work, ZOOPLANKTON NOCTURNE, arising from Michael's PRS Foundation supported work with Dr Laura Hobbs (University of Strathclyde/ Scottish Association for Marine Science)